Oil States Industries

Oil States Industries Inc. is headquartered in Arlington Texas, manufacturer of highly engineered products for the offshore Oil and Gas Industry and other oilfield applications. Products and product support are provided through offices in UK, Norway, France, Singapore and Brazil, in addition to multiple locations in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Oil States Industries is a main partner of Magnum Offshore Products AS in Norway. Even though Magnum Offshore Products do not represent all of the Oil States Divisons for Norway, we will be happy to assist you in providing technical and commercial information relating to any of the products and services offered by Oil States Industries Inc.

World-Class Deepwater Pipeline Repair Solutions

ROV or Diver Operable, Full Structural Pipeline Repair Clamp

World’s largest clamp helps to mitigate risk

Oil States Industries Houston has designed and is currently manufacturing two unique application HydroClamps also known as Pipeline Repair Clamps for the Nord Stream Pipeline. While Oil States has been a pioneer in HydroClamp design for over 40 years, this specialized unit takes subsea engineering design to a new level of expertise.

he pipeline was built in three separate sections that have varying pipe wall thicknesses due to pressure rating drops over the length of the pipeline. This was done to save money on the cost of the pipe. The section tie-ins were completed utilizing a special hyperbaric welding chamber at a depth of 80 meters off the coast of Sweden and Finland.

The clamps are approximately 30 feet long with a sealing surface of almost 10 feet and a gross weight just over 106 tons making it the largest full structural clamp in the world. The clamps are in the testing phase with delivery expected in 2016. Once completed, the clamps will be stored as stand-by equipment for use in the event there is pipeline damage (dent or small leak). Should this occur, a clamp can be installed over the aff ected area to re-establish full structural and pressure integrity to the pipeline with only minor disruption. The most unique aspect of the clamp is the internal seals can be changed to accommodate four varying sizes of pipe.

The Nord Stream Pipeline is a twin 48” diameter pipeline system that runs from Portovaya Bay near Vyborg, Russia to the coast of Lubmin, Germany to Portovaya Bay near Vyborg, Russia. It spans 1,224 kilometers across the Baltic Sea and connects the vast natural gas fi elds of Russia to the European Union gas system. Each line of the twin system has the capacity to supply 27.5 bcm (billion cubic meters) per year for a total of 55 bcm. In the 2013 World Energy Outlook report, the International Energy Agency projected the EU-27 will see a 116 bcm supply shortfall of natural gas by 2030. The pipeline is a major step in helping to ease that supply deficit.

Nord Stream is a long-term, private investment consortium of Russian, German, French and Dutch energy companies helping the EU to achieve its goals of energy supply, security and climate protection. The system has been online since 2011 and has the capacity to supply natural gas to some 26 million households throughout Germany, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic and other countries. Due to the global nature of this project, which has set a new benchmark for off shore pipeline infrastructure, companies from all over the world were meticulously chosen to supply the safest and most technologically advanced products to assure its success. Oil States is proud to be part of such a historic project.