Axon Pressure Products Gullfaks C – New BOP Stack

Norway Workshop Facilities

For the Axon product line (Blowout Preventer Systems, API Valves and API Wellhead Connectors etc.) Magnum Offshore provides for Workshop facilities to carry out mandatory 5-year equipment overhaul work (5-års classing) and repairs through the Axon QA-authorized Aquamarine Subsea facilities at Jørpeland.

All equipment inspection and repairs are managed by Magnum Offshore, technically supported from Axon Engineering Department in Houston.

Aquamarine provides for technical material expertise, welding engineers, machining and pressure testing.

Visund Wellhead Connector

During 2016 we fully serviced and took in the Visund 18-3/4” 10K (GE) H-4 Wellhead Connector for repair, re-building and re-branding to now being a Axon Type-90 Wellhead Connector. All parts have Axon P/N and we will provide Axon spare parts and services as may be required.

The complete Documentation Package, documented and verified by Statoil as 3rd Party Verification authority has been issued.

Norway Axon Service Department

As for the service support for the new Statoil Gullfaks BOP Stacks we will provide service engineers for offshore operational support through Magnum Offshore in Stavanger.

Initially we will have one (1) Axon Service Engineer on location by First Half 2017. We will have him involved with FAT operations in Houston for the first Stack delivery to Gullfaks C and A platforms.

He is supported and trained by the Axon Service Department in Houston as will be needed from time to time, for new equipment operations. This also includes technical expertise/operational support for Axon Type-90 Wellhead Connectors in operation in the North Sea.